Constant Hydration Is Important

The habit of constantly quenching our thirst should be motivated by the fact that our body needs to stay hydrated all throughout the day. We already know that most people would not survive without water after four days. On top of this, we need to be aware of how important water is to our body’s daily functions. Our body removes waste through urine, controls body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure and maintains a healthy metabolic system by drinking fluids, mostly clean drinking water.


Physiology studies emphasize that hydration is important because the body is comprised mostly of water. The proper balance between water and electrolytes in our bodies really determines how most of our body systems function, including nerves and muscles.

Without constant hydration through water, the body begins to shut down and will start to show symptoms of severe hydration. This consists of altered behavior (anxiety, confusion or not being to stay awake), faintness that won’t go away even when you lie down, inability to stand or walk, rapid breathing, weak but rapid pulse and loss of consciousness.

Sad to say, most people are not aware of how critical is the difference a few percentage points can affect our body’s energy levels. Not many know that for every 2 percent decrease in normal levels of body water, the human body can suffer a 20 percent loss of energy.


So how much water does out body need to stay hydrated efficiently? The rule of thumb is to drink 8-ounce glasses of water a day. There is actually no scientific basis for this rule but the best guideline is to drink enough water that would make you go to the bathroom every two to four hours. You should be drinking enough water so that you urinate every four hours and that your urine must be light in color. Nutritionists and dietitians say that if you go from 8.a.m. to 3 p.m., and your urine is very dark, that means you haven’t had enough to drink.

The exact amount of water we need per day really depends on the individual. If you exercise, for example, you lose a lot more water through sweat and breathing such that your need for water is much higher. In situations like this, you should not wait to feel thirsty before drinking water to replace fluid loss.

The best advice then is to obey your thirst to avoid dehydration. The effects of dehydration can be very devastating. If you feel the onset of dehydration, you must obtain immediate medical care. The signs and symptoms o dehydration include extreme thirst, lack of urination, shriveled skin, dizziness and confusion.

If you need convincing that you should keep yourself hydrated, imagine a fish that has strayed out of the water for a prolonged period. Like the fish, we need water to live.


About Canadian Ice Water

The Canadian Ice Natural Mineral Water is associated with an artesian aquifer located in the Rocky Mountains, near Nelson, BC, Canada. The water from the aquifier was analyzed and indicated that it was of exceptional quality – mildly alkaline water with a balanced mineral content making it a rare and valuable product. Deep sourced natural artesian water that is both alkaline and mineralized and associated with a bulk water and small bottle production plant seldom exists in Canada or in other locations in North America or internationally. Most spring water that has been bottled and brought to market is obtained from shallow surface sources that can be subject to environmental contamination. These sources are rarely both alkaline and mineralized.

A natural source of Electrolytes, our mineral water has Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content of 280 ppm.  This classifies it as a Natural Mineral Water by both Canadian and USA water standards.  The TDS in the water is comprised of minerals that would be expected from a natural aquifer water source.  All the minerals are regarded as necessary for healthy living and are present in varied quantities.
The rich mineral replenishing content of our natural mineral water is attracting more and more health-conscious consumers because it refreshes and energizes them.

The total dissolved solids in the water comprise of minerals that would be expected in an aquifer water. These are primarily the various salts of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. All other essential minerals regarded as necessary for healthy living are present in trace quantities.


Importantly, Canadian Ice Natural Mineral Water is alkaline. It can be regarded as perfectly balanced for maintaining the natural alkalinity of the body. The importance of an alkaline diet is now being recognized by the medical community as an important factor in the prevention of many chronic diseases and disorders.

Very few natural spring or Artesian waters are naturally alkaline and very few spring or artesian waters have an ideal mineral content. Canadian Ice  Natural Mineral Water appears to be well perfectly balanced in both alkaline and mineral content.

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